Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freeport Finds - the shoes

RDog and I are back from our mini trip to Freeport, Maine. We had a great getaway. It's a cute little village with quaint shops, yummy restaurants and of course, great outlet stores. I am at a max for clothing. I think my closet hanging bar is going to snap. The bar in my second closet fell out down last week because of the huge weight. So I focused on accessories in my shopping.

First off, the shoes. Oh the glorious shoes!

I've seen a lot of Cole Haan shoes on some lovely bloggers so I had to check it out when I spied the store. I love these babies. I love that they come with a dust bag. Dust bags make anything better.

These are from Banana Republic. They were just sitting there in the clearance section with my name on them and they were a shockingly low price.

From Burberry, these were another pair that was an outrageously low price (90% = me likey). They also have a dust bag which increases their special quotient.

And finally, I found these Keds at Kohl's for 80% off. See a trend here. I like the sales!

How I just need top find a place to store these bad boys. I have FOUR areas for shoe storage! Eeek.

More to come on my other finds.


  1. I love your Cole Haan shoes! I bought a pair this past weekend that are a very similar color :)

  2. The first pair is gorgeous! Those would look great with a really smart suit!

    Dust bags make me happy too :)