Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freeport Finds - the stuff

I didn't expect much from the J Crew outlet as, in the past, I have found it to be over priced for an outlet. Still I was a wee bit disappointed to find no good sales. In most of the other factory stores, there is a percentage off of the tagged price. In Banana Republic, for example, the items are tagged at lower prices than a normal store then there is 20 - 60% off on top of that. There was nothing like that in J Crew. I find better prices online in the sale section. I love J Crew, but I am cheap. So all I bought there was this cute rose tee.

It's modeled on the bed next to the cats' stinky toys. I was feeling lazy.

Both RDog and did a lot of damage in Banana Republic. I don't have a lot of clothing with pattern so when I saw this blouse, I had to have it.

It is suppose to fit in a loose way but I'm not into that so I was able to size down to an XS to get the fit I wanted. It makes this normally medium sized girl giggle to see the small tag.

I also had lots of luck with Banana Republic's accessories. I found some cute bracelets ad a necklace.

I also had some great finds at Coach. Most things were on sale with an additonal 50% off and I had a coupon for another 20%. I found this lady.

I also bought a bag for my 16 year old cousin for Christmas. She is going to flip!

I know some bloggers are not a fan of Coach but here in Atlantic Canada we are a little bit behind the times and Coach is a big thing. Everyone knows Coach but because there are no Coach stores, they are hard to find. When they appear at Winner (our version of TJ Maxx), they are sold out in hours. I get people coming up to me in the mall and grocery stores complimenting me on my Coach bags. The girls are school always notice them too. They're like,"OMG, Miss has a Coach bag. She is ballin'." No, they really don't say that and I don't know what ballin' means but they do comment on my bags.

Finally RDog was able to find an item from his wishlist.

He looks smoking in them too, like Mad Men smoking hot. RDog, does that make up for all the times I make fun of you on my blog?


  1. Those bracelets are gorgeous! Great finds all around. And I can side with you, guys look great in Wayfarers. And apparently guys love Wayfarers on girls. I have a black pair myself, and I always get compliments from guys on them. I'm not complaining!

  2. The great thing about the Wayfarers is that they look good on my too. I"m so stealing them. Actually, I'd like a pair in turquoise. They are super chic!

  3. I love the BR jewelry. So cute. Don't apologize for loving Coach where you are. I recall being in Belgium and they LOVED wearing DKNY t-shirts. Anything w/the logo. I was apalled and over it within a few seconds. Different strokes hit different folks.

  4. I'm love with those bracelets and I think you should steal those glasses!

  5. Love the tee and what amazing finds at the banana outlet, fabulous jewelry.

  6. that looks like a nice bag... a lot of the people who "don't like Coach anymore" still like the classic leather bags, but they do not like the newer, less-quality leather, trendy, logo-covered styles....

  7. C: I can understand the dislike of the logos. It seemed that everyone had a logo Coach bag. I wouldn't want it either if everyone else had it here!

    Kyle: I am going to steal them very soon. RDog doesn't even wear sun glasses!

  8. LOVE that jewelry! Great finds. Pretty top too.
    I think that red Coach bag is very classic and quality looking. You'll use it for years.
    Love those sunglasses. I've been thinking of getting some for Mr.BP, maybe for Christmas. After hearing about the smokin' RDog, I think I will!;)

  9. Looove your finds. Especially the BR floral top.

  10. Gosh I love all your finds!!! I especially love the jewelry and the patterned top!