Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Polyvore to Real Life


Blue and gold

Real Life

Cardigan: J Crew - I bought this during the JCA birthday code sale. It arrived last night with a $23 duty charge. Yuck. Someone at Customs Canada hates me. They got me a few weeks ago too ($30 item with $15 in duty).
Tank: J Crew
Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: Cole Haan - I actually forgot about these shoes as they are stored deep within my shoe closet. I was playing with Polyvore last night and saw them in my items. Thank goodness Polyvore is there to remind me of what I own!


  1. UGH I hate Canada Customs!
    You need an American Pal who will recieve parcels for you, re-package them then ship them to you with 'gift' marked :O) You get only 20.00 for a purchase but 60.00 for a gift!

  2. Love the outfit. I just (finally) got a navy Jackie, too. Every time I'd see a navy Jackie outfit on PV, I'd drool - finally realized there was a big hole in my closet that the NJ would fill perfectly - now I can probably toss about 5-10 sweaters that just aren't it! :)

  3. Love the hint of amber in the black ensemble! How do you get the style-sheet done (1st picture)? I had a few failed attempts with Photoshop. Is there an easier way? =X