Saturday, July 18, 2009

Martin & Osa Review

My latest Martin & Osa order arrived Thursday. M&O has free returns so I took a chance and ordered a pair of jeans onlinefor the first time. I carry all my extra weight in my thighs and butt so finding pants that fit is tricky. It's one of the reasons I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. I ordered The Osa Straight jean.
These babies are tight. My thighs were like sausages spilling out of its casing.
I'm definitely not a straight jean girl but there are lots with skinny legs that can wear this style. If it is your thing, these jeans are on sale for a great price; $29.95 plus an extra 30% off.

Next I ordered a cardigan that is no longer on the site but is close to the Long and Lean Tipped Cardigan Sweater and the Long and Lean Stripe Cardigan Sweater.

Mine came with a funny mark on the side. It looks like it was burnt with an iron. No good. If it didn't have the weird mark, it still would be no good because of the pockets. They are way too saggy and distracting.

Lastly, I tried the Perfect V-Neck Sweater.
Finally, something that I like. If I wasn't curbing my shopping habits, I would order this in many more colors. But I'm not. Here that RDog, I want to buy more BUT I'M NOT.

If I were to place an order, I would also get the Open Front Jacket, Woven Beach Tote, and Cashmere and Silk V-Neck Cardigan, which I already own in black and love. Martin and Osa has an additional %30 off until July 21. If you place an order, let me know how it goes. Maybe I can get my shopping thrill through the purchases of others.


  1. I really think you could pull off the skinny leg jean, it's just a matter of finding the right fit. I have some big 'ol thighs, and I've found a few pairs that I feel really good in. Oddly enough, my two favs are teeny-bopper, department store brands, so you really never just have to try on lots and lots. maybe try a lower waist to take away bulk from the hips, that tends to work for me (a longer top and an invisibelt can take care of any possible plumber's crack problems...teehee)

  2. Hey KDot

    My name is Erik Regan I am the Online Marketing Coordinator for Martin + Osa. We are thrilled to see you sharing our fashions on your blog, and would like to show our gratitude with a gift.

    We are really excited about our Fall denim collection and since you are so supportive of M+O, we want to make sure you have a pair- on us.

    Please email me at and we will work out the details.

    Thank you.

  3. I bought the same M&O jeans KDot - 27 tall and I think they are going to be perfect for tucking in boots. I love thier bootcut style too - have 4 pairs (eek)they are little roomier in the thigh. I also bought the cardigan in black and red, the perfect vneck in the blue. I too should stop before my dh divorces me but free shipping over $100 to Canada can't be beat!

  4. Weeee, I should read my comments more often. I'm excited about your offer Erik!