Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waiting and building forts

Skirt: thrifted years ago. I love the pattern of the fabric.
Tank: Martin and Osa ruffle-plackett tank
Shoes: Naturalizer wedges
Bracelet: J Crew. this arrived this morning so I chucked it on. It's a bit chunkier than I expected.

My pictures have been a bit blurry lately. I really need to finish reading the instruction book for our Nikon D40.
Here's a closer, clearer view of the first picture I tried today. I forgot to unzoom (I think I'm making that word up) so my top half was cut off.

I haven't been posting a lot this week. It feels like all I have been doing is waiting. We are replacing our siding and windows. The materials are here, the contractors tools are here but there are no men working. I've been on edge waiting for them to arrive as I don't want to be away when they start. Our current siding is asbestos as our house is very old. I want to make sure that the house is sealed up and Kitty is wrapped up in some kind of plastic bubble before they start tearing the old siding off. I'm thinking about building Kitty a fort made of saran wrap. But given her habit of chewing on plastic, she'd probably eat it.


  1. That skirt is gorgeous! As for Kitty, maybe you can get a really big (i.e., cat-sized) hamster ball for protection?

  2. That's what we were thinking. I"m sure she'd really enjoy it. LOL. Kitty tells me off enough already, I don't think I'll risk it. It should be interesting to see her reaction to the work being done to HER house.

  3. Lovely skirt and bracelet.
    I tried the bracelet at my local store but couldnt carry it looks great on you though !
    your kitty comments were funny :-p

  4. This outfit is simply amazing for summer. I love it!