Thursday, September 17, 2009

Headless, footless and angry

Dress: Martin and Osa
Cardigan: Victoria's Secret
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Cole Haan Not shown because I couldn't stand to have them on my feet and didn't want a picture of my dirty, blistery feet on the internet. It was my first time wearing my first Cole Haan purchase. They were blister city. I'm a germaphobic and my feet hurt so much, I was walking barefoot through my school's hallways (no students were around to see this).
Sweater clip: vintage. I stole this idea from last night's Glee. Jayma Mays' character wore a sweater clip, not on her sweater but on her collar. I loved it and had to try it today.

During this picture I must have been still holding on to some of today's anger as I am clenching my fists. On Thursdays I have outside lunch duty and the kids were just nuts. I witnessed two fights. When the second one broke out right behind me, I was so angry. I was told I just scattered the crowd of kids around me as I marched to the fight. I barked, "Come with me." And they listened. And didn't argue. Hmmmm, maybe I should get that angry more often.

P.S. Should it be footless or feetless? Where are the grammar experts? I just pretend to be an English teacher (not my major - I just ended up teaching it).

P.S.S. I think it is footless. *runs to change title*


  1. I just found your blog and I am LOVING your outfits! I'm a 22 year old 3rd grade teacher, and need to start dressing more like you :)

  2. The grammarian waves her red pen of doom and bestows a check mark in your footless favour. Lovely outfit, too bad about the rage-inducing shoes! Nuts to that. I bought a pair this summer that I adore but made ground chuck of my tender tootsies. Needless to say, I'm a little reluctant to get them on again. But I know I will. Sigh. LB : meat grinder shoes = moth : flame

  3. You were in a flaming red dress. They had to do exactly what you said. NOW! *lol*

    You looked beautiful.