Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't wait for snow days

Skirt: Liz Claibourne (thrifted)
Cami: J Crew
Cardigan: Martin and Osa
Shoes: Karen Scott
Belt: Joe Fresh

I found the skirt at a second-hand store and even though the tag said it was a size 12, I tried it on. Its a wee big big but still wearable. My big tip for thrifting is try anything interesting on , regardless of size. I take a size 6-8 and try on anything from a 2 to a 12. Sometimes items have shrunk and that's why they have ended up where they are. Sometimes the sizing of the brand runs large or small. In other cases, you may love the item so much that it is worth it to get it altered.

My other tip is to get nicer thrifted items dry cleaned. It takes out the musty smell that sometimes comes with thrifted clothes. In the this skirt's case, even though the cleaning cost more than the skirt, it made a huge difference. The pleats are perfectly pressed and it feels new.

It felt like a twirling day.

After work, I popped into Costco and spied this. I'm not always about the skirts and heels.

Introducing my brand new snow pants. I didn't crop out my mouth so you can see my sexy model pout look.

I'm not a big outdoors person but these will be great for those snow days when I get to stay home and make snowmen while everyone else works. Hopefully, this winter matches last year's 11 snow days!


  1. adorable outfit! I love the ruffles peeking out of the cardigan :)

    I also can't wait for snow days. Even though we have to make them up eventually, there's just something exciting about waking up to a white canvas of snow and getting to stay home!!! an unexpected day off... :)

  2. Hot (snow) pants! :) Oh, and it goes without saying that the first outfit is positively adorbs.

  3. I have been adding all my daily reads to google reader and deleting the links off my website, because I'm just odd like that - and I can't believe I totally forgot about YOU! I was like "Why isn't the fashionista updating?" Then I had to go all over google and thankfully I remembered the first part of your URL.

    Panic diverted.

    I thought of you, when I made my very first JCrew purchase today! Sale, no less. Let's hope UPS (or whoever delivers it) doesn't bombard me with those fees :(

  4. I'm so glad we don't have to make up our snow days, AppGal. We just have to squish things a bit in our remaining days. As a permanent teacher, I get paid for snow days too. Woot! Look at me, it's still September and I'm wishing for snow.

    Thanks Lady B. I thought you might get a kick out of my hot snow pants modeling.

    Spiffy, I'm so glad you found me again! For some reason, I can't add you to my blog list but have you bookmarked on my computer. The weirdness of blogspot. What J Crew goodies did you order? If you shipped through UPS, the fees were tacked on to your order. If it's Canada Post, you might get a surprise when your package arrives, but it usually is pretty reasonable (usually just GST). Good for you for hitting the sale section. I LOVE J Crew sales! I did a bit of J Crew ordering tonight as well. Oppsidoodle.

  5. Oh gosh, your skirt is so pretty! What thrifting luck :) And I love the outfit you built around it. The way you styled the top half, it makes even your snow pants look cute and refined ;)