Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This working thing sure cuts into my blog reading time!

Dress: unmarked and thrifted
Shoes: Nygard (they gave me blisters)
Belt: Forever 21
Watch: Kenneth Jay Lane
Earrings (not shown): Taupe pearls from The Bay

Today was my first day back with students. It was the grade 9 orientation day and I teach all grade 9 this year so I was busy. I'm so tired but I can't relax yet; I still have some prep work to do tonight. This working thing sure cuts into my blog reading time!


  1. I know! How exhausting is it to be at work when we have blogging to do later that will keep us up and busy?
    (Sighs dramatically.) Cute dress.

  2. Definitely - and how dare they BLOCK the my favorite sites at work! Everyone needs a break now and then to re-group! BTW very cute dress.

  3. Thanks Ms. B

    Marie, I'd much prefer blogging to working. It will be great when I get into the swing of things and can hopefully sneak a blog read or two at school!

    Thank you Gigi!

    NoCrew, my work blocks Facebook which is a bummer. But thankfully they do not block J Crew. I'd be in trouble then. Update time always happens at work.

  4. I LOVE your dress! It looks so cute and retro--great with the belt too!

  5. KDot, good luck with your first week back with students! What subjects do you teach?

    My school also blocks Facebook. At my old school, they also blocked most blogging sites, but my new school doesn't, thank goodness! I have to admit I sneak in a few blog reads during my planning period each day :)

    Also, I asked this on the Wardrobe Review thread, but you may not check it...
    Do you own any M&O cashmere? If so, do you like it? What's the quality like?

  6. So awesome! A great back to school outfit :)