Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet the teacher

Dress: Sateen Shift Dress from Martin and Osa
Shoes: Naturalizer. They have cutest little bows.
Pearls: Anniversary present from RDog

Tonight was our meet the teacher night so I wanted to be extra spiffy. This is not like a parent teacher interview but instead is the teacher explaining to a group of parents their plans for their child's class. I hate public speaking. I was a little bit nervous but it was definitely easier than past years. Some people can't believe I'm shy because I'm in front of 30 kids all day but kids are different than grown-ups. Other than talking too fast, I think I did ok. This teaching thing gets easier every year.


  1. oh! I am the same way! I am VERY shy, which people think is weird since my career is essentially to talk in front of groups and facilitate activities every day. I hate public speaking, esp. when it's in front of my colleagues or parents. My cheeks get bright red. I am a totally different person in front of students. Good to know I am not the only one!

  2. At least you looked fantastic - well done!

  3. Perfection - love the dress, the shoes... You look beautiful!

  4. back to school night used to stress me out too! you looked great!

  5. AppGal, I find the students are more accepting of who am I. I am totally just myself in front of them. In front of parents, I always feel like they are judging me. It makes me feel paranoid, especially as I feel like I am pretending to teach English. English was not my major.

    Thank you everyone for your compliments.

    NoCrew, you are making me blush!