Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jeans on a Thursday

My school district for some reason declared today jean day. Usually it is a Friday; weird. I thought at first they might give us half a day off on Friday but no luck. Oh well, I got to wear my new jeans on a Thursday. They are snugger than the clothes I usually wear to school so I wanted to cover my bum with a nice long sweater. This ensemble was then born.

Jeans: Reitman's
Sweater: The Bay
Shoes: The Bay
Necklace: Martin and Osa


  1. That sweater looks so cozy. I love it!

  2. Ooh, no 1/2 day??? Bummer.

    I am subbing tomorrow, so I will be like jeans (Fridays are the jeans day there).

    Here's the thing, the school district I work at doesn't start break until NEXT TUESDAY. That means Weds. is their first day off. I imagine I will be dealing with some surly kids and teachers. :)

    I like that you said "bum," by the way. Very very British of you. Heehee.

    Love the whole look!

  3. You look great! It's hard to tell (from the picture) that you're wearing denim. : )

  4. Thanks ladies.

    Dina, I like to say the word bum a lot. I have to stop myself from saying it at school, that and the word "toot". They're not very teacher-ish.

    Jenni, I have craaaapppy lighting. Oh, I miss summer days and seeing sunlight beyond my working hours. I haven't managed a way to get my winter photos looking better. RDog is working on a new flash for me.