Saturday, December 19, 2009

RDog's Fashion Post

Here is RDog's stylish self last night.

Shirt: Mexx
Pants: RW & Co
Tie: RW & Co
Shoes: Spring - cheapo shoes - I'm surprised in you RDog.

RDog went shopping Thursday night for a new outfit for his party. I'm trying to get him to explore new clothing options and this is what he ended up with. It's different for him because the tie is skinnier than usual AND he tied it in a different way. He tells me it's suppose to look a little bit messy. He also decided to forgo his usual brown belt as he thought it didn't go with his "look".

He looked great as he received his employee of the year prize - a bottle of Cristal. Yum, yum! His boss's wife told us that it was baby-making liquid. Perhaps . . .


  1. Way to go RDog. You look great! I really like the skinny tie, very MadMen.
    "baby-making liquid"! oh my!

  2. I'm going to try to get my husband to wear a skinny tie. He's very traditional with his dress clothes so he needs a little push. Even though this is a fashionista blog let us know about that baby-making liquid! haha

  3. Looking good! I also thought "Mad Men".

  4. Very nice! Good luck with that baby-making liquid, hehehehe. :)

  5. We're not quite ready for the baby-making time yet. Hopefully the Cristal will keep for a bit.

  6. It is a very mad men look, must be the skinny tie! What a handsome companion to you in your lovely dress!

  7. I think RDog is going to start doing some more fashion posts. He loves the compliments he gets.