Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet Friends Award!

Thank you Miss Masala for giving me the Sweet Friends Award!

Here’s the rules of this award: I list 10 things that make me happy and then pass on this award to 10 other awesome bloggers.. Then they list 10 things and pass it on.. and on and on..

Here are ten things that make me happy

1. My cats
2. Finding something that I love on sale
3. My parents' backyard in the summer (so beautiful and peaceful)
4. Good hair days
5. Rippled chips and dill pickle dip
6. Drinking coffee in the sun on a Sunday with my husband
7. Snow days
8. Summer
9. Creme brule
10. My mom's hugs


  1. Hi there! I checked the link you left me for the Eiffel Tower doesnt work so I think it sold out 4 minutes after it hit the site! Thanks for trying tho!

  2. These are so fun to read (if #1 was "my dog" it could be my list!)...

  3. I was bummed out about the scarf too. I saw it in the morning and then thought I would till night to buy it. It sold out quick!

    E. - you have great taste! If I had a dog, she would be tied for #1.