Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Cardigan: J Crew
Cami: J Crew
Skirt: The Bay
Shoes: Naturalizer

It was a coincidence that today, while I was wearing a very Elizabethan outfit, I happened to be teaching about the Elizabethan era. A fellow teacher popped his head in my room, took a look at my PowerPoint, and asked if I had planned my outfit on purpose. The kids picked right up on that.

One student said, "Did you buy your shirt in the 1500s?"

Another student: "She's not THAT old."

Thanks guys.


  1. Ha! Do you read Infinite Whimsy? ( She also has excellent student comment stories. *I* think it's a wonderful outfit--is the skirt metallic? I tend to shy away from wearing fancier skirts during the day (which means I almost never wear them because I rarely go out anywhere fancy) but I'm feeling inspired to try.

  2. Oh, thanks for the blog recommendation. I added her to my list.

    The skirt is not metallic. It has a layer of lace over a layer of white material.

    You should totally give a fancy skirt a try in the day. It's fun (and it makes me feel pretty)!

  3. Hi, you should also read Laws of General Economy
    ( She's got aweome finds... I'll enjoy following your blog. stop by and check my out, I hope you'll stay a while.

    take care

  4. lol ;)

    I love this outfit- the lace skirt has been repaired then?! Love it! :)

  5. haha. aren't kids great?

    i ADORE this skirt. i posted about lace pencil skirts fairly recently... so lovely!

  6. Meli, you have a good memory. I finally got to my "to sew" pile last Sunday.