Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thrifting the night away

Blouse: Jones New York (thrifted)
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Naturalizer
Necklace: Expressions from The Bay

I guess my pink jacket from yesterday is a bust. No comments = a bad outfit. You all are just so polite!

Looking at my thrifted treasures in this picture, gives me a hankering to do some digging. Off to Frenchies I go.


  1. yesterdays post was not a bust! I think it's a really cute jacket, and can't wait to see how you remix it!

    As for today- I think the color combo here is lovely, not to mention the fit/silouhette!

  2. OH BTW I just got the belt yesterday! I'm so excited on styling it ;) It was a wee bit tight (With the measurements you posted, I didn't take into account the closure was a couple inches in on the belt), but I remedied it already and can't wait to do something with it. I'll post the link when I do! <3!

  3. That top doesn't happen to be dark brown and white does it? I picked up two items when I went thrifting earlier this week--one is that H+M skirt, and the other is a brown and white patterned blouse! The tan skirt is lovely (what a nice thrift find) and I like how you paired it with the darker tights.

  4. have not read your blog in awhile... I like the pink jacket outfit a lot... all those minus temps are horrible. Makes me want to wear long underwear, a big parka and ski pants, not dresses. We are having a blizzard here today...good luck with the fashion thing in the deep freeze.

  5. Thank you Meli. I'm glad you like the belt!

    e, the top is dark brown and white. It's silk too. Wouldn' it be freaky if we found the same skirt AND top!

    C, it has warmed up a lot this week (like 30 degrees). I can handle winter when the temperature is around zero (Celsius). It is hard to dress for the cold!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I discovered your blog today and I can already tell I'm going to be hooked. I think you're my new fashion hero.