Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wishing for spring

Today I tried to combat the cold by doubling up my sweaters. It was still cold.

Cardigan: Martin and Osa
Sweater: Martin and Osa
Belt: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Reitman's - We had a special jeans day today because we missed our jeans day last Friday due to the snow storm. If you are tired of seeing these jeans on me, don't worry, I bought two new pairs tonight at Reitman's. I had a $25 off coupon so I snagged two new pairs of jeans, a tank and a blazer for $70. Yay!
Shoes: Naturalizer

I'm feeling uninspired lately and I notice that many bloggers are as well. I'm ready for spring to come. I want to start dressing for spring, not -30 weather!


  1. That sweater is such a lovely colour - it does make me think of spring -- which is a delight since it is suckishly freezing and horizontal-snowy here today. Congrats on the Reitman's score! I love me some Reitman's.

  2. Well, you look awfully trim & chic for doubling up on the sweaters!! I think we are all wishing for spring...

  3. I am so so ready for warm weather and lots of sun! The pop of color with your top feels really cheerful in this outfit! A little color goes a long way to cheer me up during the day.

  4. I SO feel the same way. Spring hurry up!!!

    Love the colors in this outfit :)

  5. Thanks ladies. The colors came together by fluke. RDog bought the two sweaters for me and they arrived Monday night. As we were unpacking the box, I thought, "Geez, those two sweater colors look great together. And it is a gabillion degrees below zero so it's cold enough to wear two sweaters at once."

    Heidi, I LOVE your comment! I've been working hard to slim down a little bit for March Break bathing suit time.

  6. I really love this belt. And the colors in this outfit work together beautifully.