Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vacation Wear

Most of my vacation wear consisted of bathing suits and flip flops but there were a few time I got gussied up.

We went out to a fancy restaurant one night. I wore this dress which showcases my fine tan lines. Even with SPF 60 sunscreen, I still have a little tan.

Dress: Martin and Osa
Shoes: The Bay

We went exploring in town and I got all nautical.

Shorts: Martin and Osa
Shirt: Ricki's
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Clark's
Sunglasses: Burberry
Bracelet used to cover up the darn plastic band we had to wear: Suzy Shier

Another dinner and another dress.

Dress: Walmart
Shoes: Gap
Necklace: Joe Fresh

This is my cheapie outfit. The outfit total comes to under $50!


  1. oh i love all your outfits! that first dress is super gorgeous!!!

  2. Great outfits! I LOVE the first one! Hope it was a wonderful trip!

  3. Thanks Ashley. I stalked that dress on M&O last year for months but this was the first time I had a chance to wear it. It makes me feel so pretty!

    Kat, it was a great trip but it's always nice to get home. I missed my kitties!

    Thanks Ella. It was my "day-after-the-wedding-dress". I wanted something to match our wedding colors of black and white and this was the perfect dress.

  4. Look at the tan! I love all the outfits, hope you had a fantastic time :)

    The jcrew bracelet is gorgeous by the way!

  5. I LOOOOVE your shorts look! I'm such a sucker for anything nautical! I'm so jealous of your sunny and warm vacation :)

  6. Spiffy, I'm glad you liked the bracelet.

    Kyla, if it makes you feel better, on the day we left it was rainy and only 15 degrees (60F). :-) But it was still pretty nice to have some sunny days.

  7. Oooh, welcome back! And it is fun to see you in all these casual-ized outfits because I am so used to your more conservative (but still stylish of course ;) ) teacher wear =)