Monday, March 15, 2010

Tired of Tights

I keep on thinking how much better this outfit would be without tights but I've got two months left before that time of year. :-(

Dress: Martin and Osa
Cardigan: Nygard
Shoes: Naturalizer
Necklace: Reitmans
Earrings: Joe Fresh


  1. Gorgeous! I am so sick of warm clothes too - I went out in flats and no socks the other day just because I couldnt take another day of boots!

  2. Love the print! I'm also sick of tights... we had one fakeout day of spring, and then back to winter. Boo.

  3. Come on down to Texas... summer starts in April and runs through October ;)

    I like your sweater over the dress combo! I need to play with that a bit - it hadn't occurred to me.

    P.S. I stopped by M+O this weekend and we have 5 more months of shopping.

  4. Princess, I did the same thing one night last week. I was freezing but it felt good to have bare feet once again!

    Alltumbledown, welcome to my blog! We have warm weather this week but I know it's not going to last. It's a shame because it is soooo nice.

    Haley, I'm so jealous of your warm weather!

  5. I want your sweater! Where did you find it? At the Bay?

    It's really warm in Calgary today, 17c. I saw people in shorts and tank tops downtown LOL. I haven't given up the tights yet, I know how the weather changes here!

  6. You're right ck, I found it at The Bay last fall.

    I was thinking about taking my snow tires off but we'll probably get a snowstorm in April. :-( Freaky Canadian weather!