Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh dear, what is wrong with me . . .

I want to buy a romper.

After months of going, "Ewww, that is one trend I'm not down with," I've changed my mind and decided I NEED to have a romper for this summer. There's so many cute ones out there.

Here is a grown-up version of a romper (much more stylish than my pink and white flowered version that I wore in grade 6).

This can be found at Forever 21 here. Forever 21 also has a silk version here and a terrycloth romper perfect for pool time.

Unfortunately for me, I have a long torso and buying a romper online is not the option (unless I want to end up with a perma-wedgie similar to one I had when I wore my fantastic pink and white version in grade 6). I checked out Old Navy on the weekend, but not a romper I did find. It may take a bit of a hunt to find a romper for a long torso-ed gal in small town Atlantic Canada. Wish me luck!


  1. No!

    Sorry I cannot get on board with idea- say no to the romper!

  2. I super want a romper now and ONLY because I keep seeing them. Old Navy had a tank style one. Mixed reviews and I didn't order even though it was only $20. It's sold out now.

  3. Gigi, I think that's the only reason I want one too. I keep seeing them and they look kinda cute.

  4. If you must...

  5. Oh I wish we had The Limited here.

    I found one at Old Navy tonight. I don't know if I completely like it but I got it. I'm going to check out H&M and see what they have.

    RDog is gonna hate it, mwhahahaha. He's anti-romper.