Sunday, April 28, 2013

22 Weeks

22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks

Development:  MiniDot is the size of a papaya

Movement: All the time. All of a sudden last week, I started to feel our little monkey dancing. Even RDog is now able to feel him.

Weight Gain: 22 pounds - It looks like I am on track to gain a pound for every week of pregnancy. :-( I'm having a really hard time exercising. Either I'm not feeling right because of the fibroids or I'm nervous to move and make them hurt. However, RDog has been pretty good about taking me on nightly walks so I'm getting a little bit of activity.

Maternity Clothes:  For sure! I can still fit into normal dresses if they have a high waist but everything else is maternity.

Stretch Marks:  None. But they are coming

Best moment of my week:  Feeling my little guy move all the time. That has helped me really start to comprehend that there is actually a person in there! Both RDog and I have started to talk to him a lot. I usually spend my car ride home after work chatting with the baby. And I have held up the cats to my belly so they can introduce themselves. It's silly but I'm really enjoying it.

Worst moment:  Feeling uncomfortable because of my fibroids. They are on my right side and are making my belly feel very tight and stretched out. I feel like I'm going to run out of room soon. I'm also having a hard time giving up control. I am a crazy control freak and it's sometimes hard for me to adjust to the fact that I have little control over what's going on in my body right now!

Sleep:  Good - still loving my Snoogle

Miss Anything:  My nice spring clothes. I'd love to wear a nice J Crew cami and pencil skirt right now.

Food Cravings: Berries, iced tea and sweets 

Aversions:  Still grossed out by most salads

Gender:  Baby Boy

Symptoms: I've been feeling really tired and I've been told my walk has changed to a waddle.

Belly Button: Mostly in but changing everyday

Rings:  On

Moody or Happy:  Pretty happy most of the time. Once in awhile I'll have a pity party about weight gain, RDog's nightly beer or fibroid pain.

Looking Forward: Finishing work! I have less than two months to go. I filled out the paperwork last week and everything is set to go. It is remarkably  easy to go on maternity leave.

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