Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Purchases

April Purchases

Banana Republic Bracelet: $23.99
H&M Maxi Dress: $19.95
Old Navy Dress: $17.95
Old Navy Fold over Jersey Skirt: $12.75
Land's End Dress: $16.99
Walmart Dress x2 (not shown): $20.00
Walmart Maternity T-Shirt (not shown): $9.00
H&M Maternity T-shirt (not shown): $12.00
Motherhood Maternity Dress: $56.00
Motherhood Maternity Bathing Suit: $43.00
Banana Republic Necklace: $30.00

Total: $261.63

I checked off a few ticks on my maternity clothing list. The black dress is for the few dress up events I have coming up. The bathing suit is a must for summer pregnancies  I plan to spend lots of time in July and August in the pool. The prices weren't as good as I thought but I'm discovering that maternity clothes do not go on sale as heavily as regular sized clothing. Both items were the last of my size in my local store, so I had to snatch them up.

The item I'm most excited about is my H&M maxi dress. I saw this dress on a couple of bloggers and fell in love with the print. I was excited to find it in my local store and to find that it fits me! I better wear it soon though before my belly outgrows it!

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