Sunday, July 21, 2013

34 Weeks

34 Weeks

How far along: 34 weeks

Development:  My baby app tells me our little monkey is the size of a cantaloupe. 

Movement: All the time, especially at night.  Every time I go for a check-up, the nurse has a hard time getting his heart beat count because he will not stay still long enough.

Maternity Clothes:  I'm rotating five maternity dresses right now and a couple of skirts and tanks.

Stretch Marks:  None yet.

Best moment of my week:  Organizing my little guy's nursery. I only have a couple things left to do and then I'll post pictures. I love going in his room and just rocking in the chair we have in there. It's so peaceful. 

Worst moment:  When my grandmother didn't come to my baby shower. She had been after me for years to have a baby. I remember when I got the all-clear to start telling relatives, she was one of the first people I called. She was so excited! So it really hurt my feelings that she did not come to my baby shower. She said she was too busy with farm chores to get away. She didn't even tell me or my mother. She told my aunt who passed on the message. And then after the shower was over, she called my parent's house but didn't ask to speak to me; she talked to my aunt. It would have been nice even if she had just talked to me on the phone to tell me why she didn't come.

I was also really sad that RDog didn't come to the baby shower either. All my family was there. His parents traveled four hours to be there too. RDog was away on a golf/boys weekend but got home the morning of the shower. I asked him to come but he said he didn't want to spend the money on gas (it's about a hour and half drive). I suspect the real reason was because he wanted to spend the day in the basement watching loud movies. I don't know what's going on with him lately; maybe he is going through some kind of pre-baby crisis. All he wants to do is sit in the basement and watch tv and play on his IPad. And his memory is HORRIBLE. The man has always been absent minded, but it has reached epic levels lately. I can vent here about him because he no longer bothers to look at my blog. 

Sleep:  Not so hot lately. The baby has been punching my insides a lot at night and keeping me up all night. 

Miss Anything:  A variety of sleep positions (stomach, back)

Food Cravings: Chocolate chip cookies

Aversions:  None

Gender:  Baby Boy

Symptoms: Not a lot. I just get a little nauseous if I don't eat enough. I've been so busy with my summer nesting projects, that sometimes I forget to eat lunch.

Belly Button: It's flat now but I suspect it will be an outie soon

Rings:  On - not swollen yet!

Moody or Happy:  I'm awfully moody lately.

Looking Forward: Meeting my little guy

Like I mentioned, my baby shower was last week. I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures, but my father-in-law took a few. 

The shower took place in my parent's back yard, where RDog and I were married five years ago. My aunt used her connections to get us a big tent, which was great because it was a hot day!

The diaper cake my parents made with our baby pictures.

With my mother (she HATES getting her picture taken) and my mother-in-law.


Opening gifts.

 I was really fortunate to get a lot of stuff! Our little guy, will not need any clothes for a long time. A lot of people came to the shower; aunts, cousins, childhood friends, my mother's friends and even my childhood babysitter. Many of them had to travel to get there so I am especially appreciative.

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