Thursday, September 10, 2009

This week's shopping haul

I think this is the first time J Crew has had an additional percentage off sale and I haven't bought ONE thing! Yay for my credit card. I'm just tired of the crazy shipping fees. I really wanted a pair another cocktail capri but just couldn't bear to pay $13.50 in shipping. Instead, I turned to Martin and Osa with its free shipping and an extra %30 off. Here is what I ordered.

Cashmere Double-Breasted Shawl Collar Sweater

Yesterday this was $250. Today it was $79 + 30% off. I have no idea why it was marked down so much as it is a fairly new item. Most of the smaller sizes are sold out but medium is still left in navy. That was a no-brainer. 100% cashmere=love

I also got this shirred sleeveless shirt.

It will be great for layering and one can never have too many white shirts.

Then a few pairs of shorts (here and here). It will be nice to have new summer clothes in case we go down south this winter. Finding shorts for $10 is just lovely. Finally, another of the perfect v-neck sweaters because they are just perfect to throw on and go.


  1. I didnt get anything with the extra20 promo either. They didnt update the sale section for first two days and the 3rd(last)day they didnt have anything that i'd be willing to pay $18.50 shipping :-)
    I'm so happy I saved some money

  2. There will probably be a huge update tomorrow. Grrrrr!

  3. I love the Martin & Osa Shawl Collar Sweater but I've never ordered from them. Are their items usually True to Size? thanks.

  4. oooh I just have a 20% for M+O, can you share your 30% code?


  5. Love that cashmere sweater!!!! That would be so cozy for plane rides!

  6. KDot, I agree. I will try to not be annoyed when I see the huge update.

  7. Molly, I found the code on Wardrobe Review's blog. An email wasn't sent to me so maybe that's why yo don't have it.
    Save 30% on any purchase with the code 99400044 Promo runs from 9/9 to 9/20

    Gigi, there is about 850 items in the sale section right now and some prices have been dropped. I'm not surprised but it still is irritating!