Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cats in the castle

Because I have nothing better to do with my time than color a cardboard castle for my cats. Ha! I spied this at Walmart last night while on a quest for polka dot rubber boots (that quest was unsuccessful). The kid in me wanted to color. So for under 10 dollars, I was able to obtain a few hours of coloring entertainment and my cats will have endless hours of fun sitting in a box.

Kitty is queen of the castle.

Ruby checking out her new sitting spot.

This can only lead to trouble.

A few paws were swatted and burrs were uttered. Ruby emerged the owner of the castle, for now . . .

Yes, those are RDog's feet. Yes, he wears ugly socks.


  1. Your house is cute :) Believe it or not, I am 26 and have never seen a stove/fireplace like the one you have in the background. You Canadians are so foreign!

  2. Oh, to live in Texas where fireplaces are not needed! :-)

    It's such an ugly, ugly stove that we inherited with the house. However, it's propane so it's not messy and it heats up a big part of our house. It's so cozy in the winter.

  3. I love this! I seriously need one of these for my fur babies and who doesn't still love to color as an adult? I know I do!

  4. lol! soo cute! my cat is loving the build-a-bear box that i have. well, to tell you the truth she loves any box! its so cute how cats love to lay on pieces of paper and stuff like that!

  5. lol awesome! I saw those at Walmart too!!

  6. Summer, I'm glad there's another coloring fan out there!

    Ashley, it's such a weird cat thing. Mine must be on the topmost layer/level of everything.

    Tastymoog, thank you. I love my girls!