Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ribbon Necklace Surgery

Ribbon necklaces seem to be a big trend lately but I grow tired of the ribbon tying very quickly. I can never get the bow to look as good as it does in the store and the ribbon trailing down from my neck to my back bothers me.

This bow necklace from Forever 21 really bothered me.

However, I still liked the necklaces attached to to the ribbon. I decided a little ribbon surgery was in order. Here is what I did.

First step: Find some doodly-doos that can fasten a necklace. I found these at Michael's and they cost less than $4. I like them because they are in the shape of a heart. Awwwww. . .

Step Two: Tie ribbon on to little doodly-doos. Little Kitties can help with this step.

Step Three: Cut off extra ribbon. I stuck a little bit of crazy clue in there too, to make absolutely sure my knot would not come undone.

Step Four: Enjoy the bow and hassle free necklace


  1. I personally don't mind ribbon ties that much, but I'm so impressed by your "surgery" results! And the heart clasps are amazingly adorable :)

  2. Thanks goldenmeans. I think the root of my problem is that my neck is super sensitive because of a childhood cyst and surgery. I can't stand to have anything touch my neck. When the bow from a ribbon necklace touches me, it gives me the heebie-jeebies.