Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once a year shoes

Dress: Liz Claiborne found on EBay
Jacket: Reitman's
Necklace: The Bay
Shoes: Naturalizer - I remember why I wear these shoes about once a year. The heels are narrow and HIGH. Oh my poor feet are sore. But they did look pretty on.

Does anyone else have a pair shoes that you love but hurt to wear? Any solutions for this problem?


  1. I definitely have "that" pair of shoes. I just recently bought these in black. They come with their own little carrying bag which fits in my purse. I wear them during my planning period then as I'm walking to my car at the end of the day (that trip downstairs is always the crux for me!) and I love, love, love them! I also put high heel inserts in my shoes which really help a lot.

  2. It was the walk to my car at the end of the day that did it to me today. I was planning on going to the grocery store after school but couldn't take the thought of more walking. I drove home without wearing any shoes (eek - bad me).

    Thank you for the recommendations. I'll have to try those high heel inserts.

  3. I have loads of them. Solution: only wear them for things like dinner when you'll be sitting most of the time and only be out for a few hours... and I also tend to take my shoes off under my desk when I'm sitting and doing work... saves the soles!

  4. I agree, cleverly placed gel inserts are the way to go! Love your dress, by the way!


  5. I have many of those type of shoes. I reserve them for church, or going out to movies, or times when walking is going to be minimal. One of these days I'm going to find some comfortable but high heeled sandals that I can wear all day long without cursing!

  6. Great dress!

    I hear you on the shoes. Unfortunately my most fabulous ones are the ones with the highest heels as well...I don't have a cure for the pain, so I only wear them when going out and not when I am going to be on my feet all day!

  7. I try to break my feet in (not the shoes). On Monday, I wear them for Period 1 only. Tuesday--P1 and P2 and so on.

    Usually by the Thursday I can wear them all day. I always have a pair of flats under my desk.

  8. Oh Casey, good trick. I'm going to give that a try.