Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peachy Keen

Cardigan: J crew
Tank: J Crew
Necklace: J Crew rip-off found on EBay
Belt: J Crew
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Banana Republic


  1. I have an identical necklace and love it so much I ordered one in turquoise. Mine is knockoff too of course... Jenna can keep her precious $150 acrylic necklace. :)

  2. pretty ruffles! love the pastel colors you are wearing!

  3. Haley, I have a turquoise one too. I find it hard to wear though so if you get one, please post some outfit ideas!

    Thanks eek!

  4. This is my favorite outfit you've posted so far! It looks great on you and the colors are fantastic! Love peach!!!

  5. very pretty neutral colors ;) they work great with your skintone! Wish I could find some that worked with MINE...

  6. this is just LOVELY! I really love the shades of peach and that necklace is great!