Friday, April 2, 2010

There was never a tale of more woe, than that of my order from M&O!

As per PFP's request, here are the details of my latest, HUGE Martin and Osa order. It may be able to guide some of you who are taking advantage of M&O's extra 20% sale.

Cashmere Boatneck Sweater - I love Martin and Osa cashmere but this sweater fits, well, like a boat. I ordered it in my usual size medium. I never can fit into a small sweater. This thing is HUGE! NO likey.

Spring Blossom Tee - Another medium that was massively huge and see-through too. Such a shame, the flowers are so pretty.

Artisan Tee - You can never have too many navy tee's. Unfortunately this tee, a medium, was too tight for me, especially in the arms. I felt like a bodybuilder the way my arms were busting out of this one.

Asymmetrical Wave Tee - I am a big fan of M&O's tees so I thought I should stock up on them while I can. This tee was another one that was way too big in my usual size medium.

Tidal Tee - This fit me me! Yah! It is a bit sheer but it was only $8 so I think I can live with that.

Printed Dot Tank - Again, this was a bit too baggy and see-through. However, I LOVE me some polka dots so I'll make it work somehow.

Harbour Stripe Racerback Tank - I'm not usually a fan of tank tops that need a special bra but I like this one solely for the reason that it looks great paired with the below item.

Cadet Blazer - This is probably my favorite item from this order. I've been looking for a navy blazer for awhile. I scored this for $52 (sweet!) which is way less than the blazers I was eying at The Gap and probably a lot better in terms of quality too.

Geo Graphic Tank - I ordered this is a small because it looked a bit loosey goosey in the pictures. It fit fine but what turned me off was the condition it arrived in. It was obviously previously returned because it was rolled into a ball and stuffed into the plastic bag. As it is silk, it was just one giant mess of wrinkles. When I return items, I make sure that they are neatly folded (how hard is it to follow the original fold lines?). I'm disappointed in M&O for not catching this one (they must be taking a note from J Crew).

Silk-Cotton T-Back Tank - I sized down from my usual size 8 to a 6 for this tank because it looks extra flowy in the pictures. It fit ok but was in the same shape as the last tank top; a mess of wrinkles. It would have to be a very special tank top for me to take the effort to make it look new again. And it wasn't that special.

Soft Utility Dress - This was a bit of a gamble for me because I often have a hard time finding dresses that are long enough for me (long torso). This is waaaay too short. It even surpassed my limits of a date night dress. On the right girl, though, it would be cute. The silk is super soft.

Slim Boyfriend Jeans
- I thought because the word "boyfriend" was in the name, these jeans would fit a girl who has got a few extra chunks in her trunk. I thought wrong. These badboys were TIGHT!

Belted Paper Poplin Bag Skirt - I got this in black and wore it here. I like it but it doesn't allow for a lot of movement - it is very narrow.

Slim Stretch Marine Pant - I've been in love with these pants since they were a new arrival but since I'm cheap, I waited until they were om major sale before purchasing. Big disappointment. I saw the fabric had some nylon in it but didn't realize that wearing these pants would feel and sound like I was wearing ski pants. Not cool!

So all in all, my huge post-ban Martin and Osa order was a disappointment. Hopefully I have some good ones in the next few months before M&O is no more.


  1. I just received a HUGE order as well from M&O, all for my 15yo daughter. She loved everything, it was a big hit. She likes the tees because they are subtle with the artsy prints, and the cotton is very soft.
    I bought her that dress, it's so pretty on her, the fabric is very nice.

    Is M&O closing their (virtual) doors? Please fill me in!

  2. This was very interesting, thank you. I've found M+O clothes to be very narrow (and I'm very skinny), so I'm surprised to hear about the baggy items. It sounds like they're not trying hard since they know the business is shutting down soon.

    I really am so, so, so tired of see-through clothes. It cannot be helping retailers' sales that so many women are uncomfortable with this fad.

  3. Dani, you have a lucky daughter! M&O will be closing sometime this summer. :-(

    Lady Cardigan, I hear ya on the see-through clothes. I'd really love to just throw on a tee and go and not worry about layering up or showing my goodies to the world!