Monday, April 12, 2010

It's old lady style but I like it

I picked out my outfits the night before I wear them. Last night, nothing was working for me. I wanted to wear a certain top but couldn't find a bottom that looked right. Everything was too big, too short, too tight, too long. I attacked my summer closet (yes, I have two closets) in the hopes of finding a long lost skirt to wear and found this dress instead. It's a linen dress but it is also lined, which is makes it perfect for cool spring days. It's from Sears and not even the young, "hip" line from Sears; it's from "Tradition" (aka the stuff my grandmother wears). But I don't care because I like it!

Dress: Sears
Cardigan: J Crew - Please J crew, put your sweaters on sale (20% and free shipping?). KDot needs more Jackies.
Belt: RW & Co
Shoes: Naturalizer


  1. I got polka dot wellies in Zellers :O)

  2. NO! Suburban Princess, don't rub it in! I don't think I blogged about my Zellers quest to find polka dot boots! I found a great pair but not in my size (they only had a 9 and a 10, I need an 8). I went to the other Zellers in town; only a size 9. I went to a Zellers 1 1/2 hours away; size 10! Arg, Zellers is taunting me with their cute boots.

    BTW, I'm very glad you managed to find a pair.

  3. I second your JCrew plea – I don't actually own any Jackies, but they seem the perfect length and style for me and JCrew always has the best colors. This doesn't look old lady at all – I am really excited when I find dresses that are of work-appropriate length for the summer, and this looks like it has some really nice touches (such as the detail on the hemline)!

  4. The Jackies are perfect for spring layering. E, you should give one a try!