Friday, September 30, 2011

September Purchases

September Purchases
September was a light month, shopping wise. I was just too darn busy with school and I didn't see too many sales around.

Here is what I bought:

Land's End Canvas Jersey Ruffle Neck dress: purchased using a gift card
Land's End Canvas Striped Boy Tee: $10
Talbots Refined Sateen Ruched Skirt: $29.24
Land's End Canvas Classic Straw Hat: purchased using a gift card
Land's End Canvas Classic Sunglasses: purchased using a gift card
Old Navy Ruffle Trim Gauze Shirt: $15
Land's End Canvas Sneakers (not shown): $4 (gotta love those Classified sales)
J Crew Wrap Silk Dress (not shown - found on EBay): used Paypal credits from selling unwanted clothes

Grand Total: $58.24

Not too shabby. This month's surplus goes to my car, aka Allie. My car guy tells me she is getting old. :-(

For October, I'm going to be on the look out for new black everyday shoes. And since tights weather is coming soon, I'm going to need some new tights.


  1. All that for $58? That is fantastic. My car coughed and spluttered yesterday, I had to go though the whole get out of the car, find someone to help push it to the corner of the road, get taken home in the AA van fiasco, I think I'll stay in bed today.

  2. Car trouble really wipes you out eh. AT least you didn't hot the bottle afterwards like I did. :-)

  3. I love this addition to your blog! You inspire me to spend less. :)