Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Purchases

September Purchases

Talbots Grace Fit Jacket: $14.84
Talbots Sash Wrap Dress: $14.09
Talbots Accordian Pleat Skirt: $14.84
Talbots Kate Fit Jacket: $14.84
Naturalizer Fira: $22.49
Naaturalizer Newly (but in red): $14.99
Naturalizer Divine: $22.50
Naturalizer Ladell: $14.99
Naturalizer Korina (not shown): $29.99

Total: $163.57

This month was all about the shoe. Naturalizer had a great sale (25% off and free shipping) so I went to town. A few days later, a giant box of shoes ended up on my doorstep. I ended up keeping five of the ten pairs I bought. I can probably get a few weeks of wear into them before tights season starts.

I placed quite a large order with Talbots during their 25% off and free shipping sale. Unfortunately, only a few items actually shipped. Out of the items that arrived, there were a couple that I didn't like so they'll be listed on eBay as they were final sale. I'm really bummed with Talbots lately; it's frustrating to have entire orders  cancelled while the items ordered are still appearing online. Also, I the sizing has been inconsistent for me lately.

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