Monday, December 21, 2009

Well, that didn't last

I vowed a couple of weeks ago to cut back on the online shopping. It's easy to abstain from J Crew. I just think of the sickening duty bill on my last order a couple of months ago ($50 duty on a $120 order!) It's much harder to stop ordering from Martin and Osa. I gave in this morning because the prices on many of their coats dropped and there is an extra 25% off with code 51352789.

I ordered the Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Portbello Brown. RDog has the men's version. We'll be all matchy-pooey.

Puffer Jacket. This will be good for building snowmen on snow days.

Wool Trench Coat. I'm hoping this will become my new everyday winter coat. My current coat is a few years old and is getting a bit pilly. It's time for an upgrade.

Uggg, I have no self-control at all when it comes to sales.

My posts will not be regular this week as I am heading out the door. Everyday for the next week involves travel. It's the yucky part of my Christmas vacation. I like to visit my family, but everyone lives in different towns. Lots of driving is in my forecast.


  1. Um, 50 dollars on 120 dollars? Yowza. You are certainly a committed J. Crew fan...even I would have to give it up if taxes were that high (or troll on ebay for good, fair deals).

    I love that motorcycle jacket. Very edgy and fun!!!

  2. LOVE the M&O picks. Great choices, and yes, it is hard to resist a sale.
    I am wishing you safety on your travels! :)

  3. I absolutely hate duties, which is one of the reasons I never order from J.Crew.

    Great coat haul! I really love the motorcycle jacket. The puffer coat is tempting me... I could use a new snow day coat. I'm hoping it'll still be available after Christmas so I can spend some of my present money.

  4. Oh no that is outrageous what customs charges! But I looove your picks here.

  5. You're to thank for my great Martin and Osa deals... the last time you posted about a great deal, i got a 100 dollar dress for 24. And now I got a peacoat for 73 (with shipping!) Thanks :)

  6. Dina, when I order J Crew, I do in hopes that the postman will not catch the duty. I don't get charged it very often, but when I do, it sucks!

    Thanks Dani! traveling has been good so far - lots of rain and mild temperatures makes it easier although it will be a green Christmas out east this year.

  7. Jinah, I learned my lesson with that one. Now when I order, I keep it small. Customs does not usually bother with snmall orders under $50.

    Overcaffeniated, I will try to post a review of the coats when I get them next week. The puffer coat is a great price - only $51. My current snow day coat is from American Eagle circa 2002! Time for an upgrade.

  8. Cate, I'm so glad you are getting some good deals. I love to share my finds. I almost bought that pea coat too but three coats is enough!

  9. So true ... online shopping is hard to give up ... especially when you blog about it!