Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New tees - yippee!

Dress: Banana Republic (thrifted)
Sweater: J Crew
Sweater clip: vintage
Shoes: Naturalizer
Earrings: Joe Fresh

Some new tees are on my way. I placed my first J Crew order in a loooong time. I love when J Crew has free shipping sales with NO minimum. If I can get an order under $50, it means Mr. Postman will not charge me any of that nasty duty. So 3 new tees are on their way to me. Yippee! Is anyone else taking advantage of J Crew's 20% off and free shipping on tees sale?


  1. What's the coupon code? I think i unsubscribed to the Jcrew you gave me. I was too tempted. But if there's no min. I'll order away!!

  2. There's no coupon code, the sale and free shipping just come up automatically. The list of tees on sale is here:

    I also found a few in the sale section that are not on the list but still have free shipping. I love me some free shipping!

  3. Yes, I got the swirling petals tank. So cute and cheap! Thanks for posting about this sale.


  4. My mother-in-law (from Toronto) stocks up on JCrew when she visits – I'm glad you found a good deal! This dress is so lovely, and a great thrift find. I am envious of your collection of colored sweaters. For the longest time all I wore was black, black, black, and now I'm much more excited about color!

  5. Candice, I've got my eye on the swirling petals tank too. But I've already placed two orders so I should stop.

    E., your mother-in-law has good taste. A lot of my colored sweaters are J Crew Jackies. I am totally in love with the Jackie lately. Hopefully sweaters will be the next thing to go on sale at J Crew because I need more Jackies!