Saturday, August 18, 2012

Edie is Everywhere!

I have long lusted over J Crew's Edie bag, especially after seeing pictures like this . . .

I knew I wanted to the bag in red but, me being me, I knew I would only buy it on sale.

After a year of waiting, I was getting pretty antsy for my purse. Once I saw the purple version of the bag appear in J Crew's sale section. Another day, it was the green bag. But my beloved red Edie would not go on sale.

A couple of weeks ago, J Crew had an extra 30% off sale and a great thing happened. The Edie attache bag in red appeared on the sale page.

Originally, I wasn't lusting after this bag; I tend not to dream about things out of my price range. At $100 over the Edie bag price, it would be torture to lust after something out of my price range.

But then it went on sale for less than the Edie bag with another 30% off. I read the reviews; the big drawback about this purse it seemed was the lack of a zippered top. One of my purse regulars is a pink Coach bag with an open top. I wouldn't use this purse when travelling through busy airports or the like but for my regular life, an open top purse is fine.

So I bought the Edie Attache Bag.

And it arrived.

Edie Attache

I was excited.

Edie Attache

And very happy.

Edie Attache

This is a great sized bag for me. I can fit all my stuff into it easily. The open top, as I suspected, doesn't bother me. The bag arrived with a couple of scuffs. After reading reviews about how easily this bag scuffs, I decided to not let it bother me. The scuffs have already started, saving me a freak out the first time I ding the leather. It's a beautiful color and I forsee carrying it a lot this fall. For my first purse purchase in three years, I was very pleased.

Then the next day, I foolishly (brilliantly?) peeked in on J Crew's sale section.

There it was, The Edie bag, the original that I wanted, on sale. So I decided to dive right in and buy it too. But I couldn't get it in red like I originally envisioned. It would just be foolish to have to red purses (as if buying two purses within two days wasn't already foolish enough).

So I went with . . .


. . . the Edie in dark pewter.

I love this bag as well but ironically, I don't see myself using it as much as the attache bag. It is just too small for regular use. And this comes from a girl who doesn't tote a whole lot of stuff around. I can just fit my wallet, cell phone and keys in there. That's it. And if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know I like my Raybans and my lipstick. And they just won't fit. So I can see this purse being mostly a date night purse when I take very little out with me.

So that is the story of how I went three years without buying a purse and then bought two in two days and loved them both.

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