Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bubble time with F21

My order from Forever 21 arrived today (I love overnight shipping). Since I downed 4 vodka and cranberry drinks when I came home, I convinced DH to drive across town to pick them up from Purolator. Looking at my items, I notice that I am obviously in love with the whole bubble necklace trend. Here is what i got:

After seeing Gigi's posts on this necklace, I had to have it. I'm glad I ordered it when I did because it is no longer available on F21's site. I absolutely love it and it was such a steal at $7.80.
I love this blue necklace. It is nice and full with lots of beads. The best part; it doesn't look like I spent only $12.80 on it. It also unexpectantly matches my Desiree Bead Bracelet in this order. I didn't get a picture of that yet. DH took a picture of the bracelet, but it shows off my hairy man arms, so I'm not going to post it.

Pearl Cluster Necklace in light pink and black. I bought two of these necklaces. At $6.80, why not. I like them, I just wish there were more beads on the necklace.
This picture really shows off my yucky tan lines (reminders of Mexico).

I was also smart to dump this little number in my cart. At $1.50, this Grosgrain Bow Headband is super cute and surprisingly comfortable. I wish I had ordered it in more colors.
My order also included a sleeveless Zebra tank ($12.80), gray maxi dress ($13.80), and a little black skirt ($7.80). I didn't get any pictures and they are no longer on F21's site. The tank is sheer, but cute. The maxi is super comfortable but I'm a tad nipply in it. The skirt is pretty skanky. DH liked it but I don't think I could wear it outside the house. It is TIGHT!


  1. Great buys! I LOVE that blue necklace!

  2. Lovely! Especially love the pearls and the blue.
    I like vodka cranberry too. Four??!! You must have had rough day! ;)

  3. Great necklaces - love love love!! Cute headband! Glad you enjoyed your drinkie-poos!

  4. The four drinks was a combination of annoying students, great weather and a low teaching load tomorrow. I don't do it often!

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