Monday, April 6, 2009

Wearing today

Untitled by KDot featuring J Crew earrings

Today's outfit consisted of:

Mexx red short sleeved shirt
George Pinstrip Pencil Skirt. I bought this 5 years ago from Walmart during the great $1 sale of 2004. I went into Walmart one day to find all summer clothing all sale for a dollar! Unfortunately, I was in the midst of a massive weight gain and didn't realize I could no longer fit into the sizes I bought until I brought them home. Most of the $1 finds went to other homes as they did not fit but this skirt has stayed buried in the closet for 5 years. Until this morning when I finally snipped the $1 tag off.
Jessica black pumps
Joe Fresh fireball inspired earrings
Finally, my precious Burberry. The only piece that was exactly as pictured.

1 comment:

  1. AHHHH! Your Burberry! Enjoy using it today. I am a fan of Burberry as well. However, I don't have any of their pieces! Maybe some day. Have fun!