Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do I look like a nun or a box?

This morning my outfit was not very inspired. It was 7:50 am and I still wasn't dressed. My classroom doors have to be open at 8:10. Eeek! So I pulled out this Ricki's brown skirt from last year, polka dot blouse from Winners, Jessica shoes, Suzy Shier necklace and my Joe Fresh Fireball earrings.

I've decided to try as much as possible to take pictures of my outfits. It will hopefully spice up my blog a bit and give me a good visual reminder of what looks good or not so good. The trick is getting DH home to snap a photo of me. I'm working on getting a tripod.

Today my order from Martin and Osa arrived. First off is the Square-Neck Tank in optic white (size 6). I find it hard to find a dressier white tank that is not sheer. Unfortunately, this will not work. DH said it reminded him of something a nun would wear. Yuck!
Next up is the Pleated Silk Tee in Boat Red (size small). This fit like a box on me. No likey.
Then I tried the Ruffle-Placket Tank (size small) in Twilight Navy. I love it. For $10, I think I will order the other colors as well. I like how it doesn't show my bra and bra straps. So many tanks are see-through with spaghetti straps. I need more coverage.
The Pleated Skirt in Deckhand White (size 6) also came in this package. The skirt is ok but last week as I was digging on my closet, I found two similar white skirts I had forgotten about. I really don't need three pleated white skirts.

All in all, not a very successful order.


  1. Rest the camera on something & use a self-timer. I use our key/mail stand and a couple of books on top of that. You'll be surprised what works.

    Pass on the square neck tank. That's not an easy neckline to pull off in general, imo. Oh, your school outfit was great. Esp for a put together quickly look. I suggest a pair of "nude" pumps. They go with everything.

    Personally I like the color & the pleats on the short sleeve top. Try it with a long necklace to see how it works. That may make it look less boxy. Though I don't think it's too boxy. You have good arms.

    Cute skirt! At least you have something similar & can save the money.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion about the nude pumps. It wasn't until I saw the picture that I realized the shoes were off. I have just the pair in mind! I've been thinking about them for two weeks, it must mean I should buy them!

  3. I did like the school outfit - that shirt is very pretty. Love Gigi's suggestion of a long necklace with the short sleeve top (she's so clever!). And I totally love that navy tank. So cute!!

    Also - I put the camera on the footboard of my bed. I have a tripod and should use it - the quality of my pics would improve if I could do them with better light and at the right distance, instead of having the camera focus on the corner by the door!! Ah well, it's a process...