Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When will it be time to pack away the tights and bring out the sandals?

Today I wore:
Martin and Osa dress
J Crew Merino Lea cardigan
Chaps wedges
Diamond pendant necklace (wedding gift from DH)
Not pictured is the thick nude colored pantyhose I wear with most of my skirts. Those get stripped off as I soon as I get home.

I love this dress because it has pockets. Dresses and skirts with pockets are the best!

I can't wait until the weather is warmer so I can wear this dress without the extra layer. It is really cute on its own. I am anxiously waiting for sandal and bare leg weather to begin. I might test a bare leg outfit this week. On the weather network, tomorrow is predicted to be 16 C (60 F). Saturday's forecast lists a balmy 21 C (70 F) as its high.

When do you think it is time to throw away the tights and bring out the sandals? Am I jumping the gun?

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