Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm outside!

Sweater: Martin and Osa - It's only on its second wear but a hole has developed. :-( Sad
Tank: Nygard - This has been hanging in my closet for years. I just snipped the tags off this morning. I need to stop doing that!
Skirt: : Ann taylor (thrifted)
Shoes: The Bay
Necklace: J Crew from Ebay


  1. Have you checked out cutestblogontheblock.com? Lots of great backgrounds there! And super easy to use!

  2. I love the redesign!
    Great outfit, I really like the way you are wearing the bubble necklace!

  3. Thanks Princess, I will check it out.

    Thanks Dani, I love my bubble necklace!

  4. Thanks Heidi and Candice.

    Love you blog Candice. It's great to see another M&O fan in blogger-land.