Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Real or fake?

After reading the Post-fab Princess' review on a J Crew bubble necklace a few weeks ago she found on EBay for cheap, I raced right over there and snatched one up. Shortly after, Miss Masala posted about the fake bubble necklace she bought on Ebay. My heart sunk as I read her post. I thought," Well, there goes $50 on what will probably be a stinking pile of poo."

My bubble necklace finally arrived today. It took exactly one month to get here. It is in good shape; no missing beads for me. I really like it too! So if it is fake, it is ok with me. I will still wear it and fell purty.

But I'm still kind of curious. Is it real or is it fake? Does anyone out there have a good eye for J Crew jewelry?


  1. It is very pretty but I hope it ends up being real!

  2. The only thing I know is that JC jewelry usually has a little gold tag hanging by the clasp that says J Crew - otherwise, I have no idea. Love it!! Hope you really enjoy it!

  3. Looks real! Does it have the JCrew tag? (It is very tiny on the Bubble's).
    I bought two from lumenroad on ebay and they are authentic!

  4. from the picture, it does look real and a lot better than the one missmasala received.

  5. Hey Kdot, I was gonna make another post with soft graphite very soon comparing real vs fake. May be that could help you tell if its fake or not.
    I dont really mind buying fake jewelery but I cant take it when sellers advertise it as authentic and lie to customers.
    Jcrew logo doesnt mean anything, the fake ones have it too.Its almost impossible to tell if its authentic or not unless its compared with the same piece bought from jcrew.com or instore.
    Glad that your necklace arrived in 1 piece and you are enjoying it :-)

  6. It does have the tiny J Crew tag but it is from the same seller that Miss Masala had problems with (lumenroad).

    Miss Masala I'll be watching your blog for that post.

    It blows my mind that people are faking J Crew jewelry. There must be more valuable things out there to fake!

    Either way, I loooooove my necklace. Fake or not, it was worth 50 bucks.

  7. I just received the real one, and yours looks pretty darn close. I'll have to take a look at mine when I get home and compare!

  8. Both of the ones I bought had the gold JC tag. But I'm with you, KDot, even if they are fake, they are such good quality that I don't care!

  9. Yay! I got one too from ebay. It took FOREVER to come but it did so in one piece and I LOVE it!.