Friday, May 15, 2009

H&M is here!

H&M opened in my city yesterday. I've heard so much about this store but have never visited one. This afternoon, even though I was feeling sick, I went out to check it out. The place was huge and packed! But I was so sick, I couldn't even shop! That's pretty sick! Tonight I was feeling better so DH and I went over to have another look. The place was still packed. I was amazed to find new things had been put out since this afternoon.

I headed first to the Matthew Williamson collection after reading so much about it over on The Purse Forum. I picked up this Peacock Wrap Dress.
I'm still undecided on this one. I like it but do I like it at $70? It feels kind of polyestery too; very shiny.

I also found this huge organic scarf which will be great for the beach. Of course, when I laid it out on the bed to take a picture, Kitty claimed it as her own.
I found a few other basics too. The line-ups for the fitting rooms were huge, so I just bought whatever I wanted to try on. But once I got home and started trying, most (dresses and blouses) did not fit the chestal area. Overall, I am excited to have H&M in town and think it will become a regular place for me to shop.


  1. I have found some random great pieces over the years, but not a ton, so I don't go out of my way to get there. Definitely check out their jewelry, too - fun, cheap pieces.

    Lovey the scarf. Likey the dress, too. The cut is very flattering, but I can't tell if it's too shiny.

  2. So cute - the finds and the kitty.

    H and M is great, I used to have one where I used to live (Hamilton) but no more. I didn't find I shopped there much though, because it is so crammed with clothes and people, and disorienting. But when it is good, it is GOOD.