Saturday, May 30, 2009

Martin and Osa Goodies

My latest Martin and Osa order arrived yesterday. I ordered these items last week when they were having an extra 25% off. This week the sale is now 30% so there are good deals to be found.

First off is the Soy-Blend U-Neck Sweater.

I ordered this in Aria Pink and a medium. Currently, it is $19.95 plus 30% off. There are still a few more colors left in medium, so I think I will order another, maybe orange.

Next, the Essential Stretch Haberdasher Shirt.

This is a size 8 in Benzel Blue. It reminds me of J Crew's Kelly shirt. It's soft and is a great fitted blouse. At $19.95, plus 30% off, I would order another one but there are only two colors available. The other color is silk pink and I think it's too close to my Kelly shirt in fresh guava.

I also ordered the Candy-Strip Cuffed Shirt in Cascade Blue (size 8). The picture turned out blurry so I didn't post it but it's very similar to the Haberdasher Shirt. (What kind of name is Haberdasher?) The cuffs are wide but I think I will flip them up. Again, it's only $19.95 with an extra 30% off so it's a great buy.

I tried the Trouser-Front Strecth-Knit pants, thinking they could be a great around home pant. But these babies were TIGHT! They showed every ounce of fat on my butt so they immediately went back in the box.

Martin and Osa has become my favorite online store. Their free shipping and returns and extra percentages off are fantastic.


  1. I really need to check them out - there's a store at Tysons and I have never been in. Ok, adding to my list...

    Love free shipping & returns...

  2. I really like Martin + Osa. They offer some classy casual wear... especially for men. I like it even better than JCrew as far as casual clothing goes. I hope they continue to expand! I hear the men's section has been slow to take off.

  3. I'm trying to get my husband to get into their clothes. Hopefully they'll expand their menswear and have more options beyond jeans and golf shirts.

    I agree, M&O is great for casual wear and the basics.