Monday, May 25, 2009

Safety pin sewing

Today, I felt like a girly girl. I wore:

J Crew Merino lea Cardigan in snow white
J Crew silk dupioni skirt
J Crew trois rosette tank
Spring pointy pink pumps
F21 pink cluster necklace
Joe Fresh fireball earrings

I had a problem with the trois rosette tank being too low for school. To solve that, I simply safety pinned the straps to move the neckline up.

My cardigan stayed buttoned all day and covered my "sewing" job.


  1. Ha, I did the exact thing with mine! I can't find my thread, or I'd sew it properly. But you know, it works, and it's invisible the way you've covered it up, so your outfit looks perfect. Nice to know there are other people out there walking around with safety pins on their shoulders. ;-)

  2. Fantastic idea - and gorgeous outfit! love love love it!! You look amazing!

  3. Thanks Heidi :-)

    TUMC, I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who uses safety pins instead of sewing. I cannot sew!

  4. I love this outfit!! All the colors compliment each other so nicely! Very girly in a nice, understated way ;)