Sunday, May 3, 2009

You inspire me!

My must read blog list grows everyday and I am continually inspired by all the great bloggers out there. Yesterday, I stumbled across this great blog and I must share.

Jessica at What I Wore puts together amazing outfits. The reason I like her style so much is that it is obtainable for me. There are no crazy designer names in her closet. She shops at normal places; H&M, Payless, thrift stores. I could probably find similar pieces here in small town Atlantic Canada and recreate some of her outfits. I could do this without the hat and clothes and make it school appropriate. I love this combination of green and navy. So sharp. And she wears colored tights! I have about five wear unworn pairs in my dresser. I didn't know how to wear them. Now I have some ideas on what do to. Jessica's blog has also convinced me that I need some scarfs. I have a few but never wear them. I simply do not know how to put them on my body. She has great ideas, including tying scarfs on your wrist.

So to all the bloggers out there, keep it up. I have never felt so well dressed in my life and it is because you all inspire me.

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