Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's a big box!

I arrived home yesterday to find a postal notice in my mailbox. My latest Martin and Osa order had arrived! But when I went to the post office to pick it up, I was presented with this huge box. Kitty later enjoyed checking it out.
My first thought was, "Holy crap, what did I order?" Followed quickly by, "DH is going to flip; there is probably way too many clothes in here." I breathed a sigh of relief when I opened it and saw that the box was filled with mostly air.
What a waste of shipping money. And the shipping was free, so it's not my wasted money. Besides all that plastic and air, there were a few treasures.

First off is the Watercolor Print Pleated Silk Dress. It's a beautiful dress.
The silk is soft and it has a lining, which is always nice. But the dress has little structure, which may not be good for me with my mini stomach bump. I was thinking about wearing this dress to my cousin's wedding in July but am still undecided if it is the one. I also ordered the Tie Neck Dress in Aria Pink which will be arriving next week. I'll decide then which one is the keeper. As I don't work in the summer, I have few opportunities to dress up and don't need a lot of dressier dresses. (How many times can I write dress in a sentence?)

Next up is the Square-Neck Sweater in navy. At $19.95 plus 30% off, this was a bargain. Again, the material is very soft. It's a nice spring sweater. I would order more, but it's a bit low cut so it's not appropriate for school. I said the word "naked" in class today and that set the hormones off in my 14 year old male students; they were giggling like mad. I think they would fall out of their chairs if I wore anything that low cut!

Then there was the Tuxedo Blazer which was another bargain at 44.95 plus 30% off. I've been wanting to try the blazer thing and M&O's great return policy convinced me to give it a go. But, alas, it was not meant to be. I don't have a picture of this one on me because it was back in the plastic immediately after I tried it on. It just wasn't me. Long monkey arms are hard to fit in a blazer.

I also ordered some basic tees for myself (so soft) and some work clothes for my father.

I've been telling DH to try Martin and Osa for months but he is kind of a clothing snob. He only likes certain clothes. He has his LaCoste golf shirts that he gets at a local men's store. Twice a year, we travel to the US to go to the outlet stores where he hits Banana Republic and stocks up on the rest of the wardrobe. Nothing else is good enough for him. Finally, last night after looking at my super soft sweater and hearing its super cheap price, he admitted, "Maybe I should check out this site, you know, for basics." So I had to place another order with some items for him and a few thrown in for me. He really twisted my arm ;-) Hopefully, he will be able to expand his wardrobe beyond his two current labels.


  1. I love the dress! I think it looks gorgeous on you. Your cat likes boxes too uh?! Mine love them, I almost feel bad about throwing them out sometimes.

  2. Thank you Summerilla.

    Kitty loves boxes; she loves to sniff them and then sit in them. I keep them around the house for a few days and then throw them out. She has a short attention span and quickly tires of them.

  3. I LOVE Martin + Osa!! The watercolor dress is so pretty on you! I've seen it on the site so many times and just went right by it. I just wore the floral maxi dress to a wedding this past Saturday and got tons of compliments on it. It's nice because it's casual enough to wear again but can be dressed up as well. =)

  4. I love the dress too. It looks great on you!

    I don't know how anyone teaches high school! Between the emotions and the hormones, it's a wonder we all survived! My husband is picky about his brands too and always sticks to his favorites. I tell him he's scared of change! LOL

  5. Christyrenee, M&O is quickly becoming my favorite store.

    Stephanie, the big kids have grown on me. I teach mostly grade 9 and even though the hormones are raging, they are still a lot of fun. I have a great bunch kids this year so it makes life easier. Hopefully, next year's bunch is the same!

  6. That watercolor dress looks fantastic on you! love love love!!

    Really like the black sweater, too, and don't necessarily see it as "low cut" but totally see your point about the 14-y.o. boys. (those boys...)