Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tired days

I had a cute outfit planned for today but when I woke up I could feel the chill in the air. It was not a skirt day. So I had to find something warm to wear quickly in a caffeine deprived state of mind. The results are meh.

Dalia Cardigan from Costco
J Crew ruffled tank (I forget the name)
Tommy Hilfiger pants
Chaps wedges
Expressions pearl and gold necklace from The Bay

I'm feeling really worn out lately. My iron levels are low and I am tired, so very tired. I'm counting down the days until summer vacation. 7 teaching days left!


  1. For a meh outfit, it's not bad at all. You would probably like it better if you were in a better mindset. (But yeah, I hate it when you get up and the weather totally kills the outfit you had mentally prepared.)

  2. Thanks Heidi, you always have the sweetest comments.

  3. hooray! i have (now) 6 days left too! I have a countdown on my board that I claimed was for my seniors, but it was really for me :) enjoy your last few days of school!