Monday, June 1, 2009

Return to thrifting

When I was a child, we didn't have a lot in terms of material possessions. The majority of my clothes came from Frenchys (an Atlantic thrift store) or were hand-me-downs. When I got my first permanent teaching job, I vowed to buy only new clothes. Recently, a few bloggers have made me start to change my mind. What I Wore and What I Wore Today are two very different bloggers but they both find great things at the thrift shop. They have convinced me to return to the thrift store. I really like the same store my mother took me to as a child, Frenchys, because all the clothes are imported from the United States. There are brand names to be found that us Canadians do not have easy access to, like J Crew. Today was the first day I wore a Frenchys find. When my vice-principal complimented me on my cute dress, it gave me an extra thrill because I knew that the dress cost only $5.

Dress: thrifted from Frenchys
Cardigan: J Crew
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Naturalizer
Jewelry: navy and gold bangle from Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian version of Rite Aid), my swatch, and ever-present diamond pendant wedding necklace


  1. I love your outfit! The dress is so cute - retro and classic, and the color combination of the whole outfit is really nice, you look great! :)

  2. So cute - very retro chic. What a good find. There are no good thrift shops in my city... ):

  3. Thank you! I think my key for future thrift store wearing will be to mix it up with my nice new J Crew and Banana Republic stuff.