Sunday, June 28, 2009


Dress: Joe Fresh from last summer
Shoes: Clarks
Bracelet: Claire's

I'm not feeling this outfit today. It's weird to see me in flats; I'm so used to heels now. I have to try to cool the heels for a bit. Some of my toes have been numb off and on for the past month. The doctor thinks it might be because of my shoes. :-(

We might go visit the in-laws tonight. Every year they rent a cottage near us for two weeks and they arrived today. I think I'll have to change before we head out there. This dress is booby-licious and makes me look slightly knocked up. My in-laws probably don't want to see me like that!


  1. Dress is adorable!! Love it!

    So sorry to hear about the shoes! Be good to your feet. :)

  2. Aerosoles makes some cute (and very comfortabe shoes)perhaps you can find some there that will be kinder to your toesies.

  3. Thanks Zoe and Heidi. I will check out Aerosoles.

  4. I like the pattern and color. A good choice for summer!

  5. Actually, I think in-laws like the knocked-up look. It means grandkids are forthcoming.