Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wear your sunscreen!

Now that school is done for the year, my outfits are going to be more casual. Looking at today's picture, I realize that I need to work more on accessorizing. Casual shouldn't mean boring!

I'm wearing

Golf shirt : J Crew
Shorts: Banana Republic
Shoes: Naturalizer

It's been a busy couple of days. Yesterday we drove to a nearby city where DH was scheduled for surgery early this morning.

DH noticed a funny red dot on his lip a couple of years ago. After it got bigger, DH had our family doctor refer him to a dermatologist. It took a long time (almost 9 months) to get a dermatologist appointment but once he was in, the doctor quickly biopsied it and found out it was a basal cell carcinoma. It sounds bad because it has the "c-word" in it but really it is the best kind of "c-word" to have. The doctor referred him to a specialist for a Mohs Surgery.

The surgery involves removing a layer of skin and analyzing it to see if contains cancer. If there is cancer, another layer of the skin in removed and analyzed again. The process is repeated until no more cancer is found. It can be quite the long process so we went in there this morning prepared for a long haul. But the doctor took a look at DH and told him he wanted him to try a chemo cream first. There is an 80- 85% chance that the cream will be enough to fix the problem. I hope it will be because the area is right on the border of DH's fantastic lips. He was really concered about his lip being disfigured.

This type of thing runs in DH's family. He will most likely be prone to more in the future. We are both going to change a lot of our habits which means more hats and sunscreen. I can't believe we both used tanning beds only a year ago in preparation for our wedding day. Never again!


  1. Cute outfit! :)

    Poor DH! Hopefully the cream with do the trick!

  2. I am wearing my JC polo too. These don't get much attention but I love mine.

    Poor husband, but good thing it was caught early. I think all the parents and in-laws have used that cream. It's a little rough going but does the job.

  3. Yikes! I do hope all goes well with DH.

    On a jollier note, I do love those Naturalizer shoes you're sporting -- so cute!