Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dang, that's cute

Skirt: Mexx
Shirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Expressions from The Bay
Jewelry: Pearl Cluster Necklace from Forever 21, sapphire tennis bracelet found on EBay years ago.

I love the shoes. I was craving metallic shoes for awhile and finally found these a few weeks ago. It was their first wearing, so they did not make it through the day but dang they are cute.


  1. I thought your post title referred to the outfit, because dang, that's cute! Love the outfit on you and love love love the shoes!!

  2. Dang, it IS cute! Also love your necklace!!

  3. Heidi, you always have the sweetest comments.

    PBP, F21 is a great place to find cheap and cute accessories!

    That was really hard to type. Me thinks I've had too many vodka and cranberry drinks.

  4. Such a cute outfit ... comfy glamour :)

  5. I am definitely diggin' the shoes :)

  6. totally off topic, but I just noticed you have passive-agressive notes (.com) on your link list. I loooove that website! so funny!