Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I Wore Yesterday

Skirt: J Crew
Top: Walmart (Sshhhhh, don't tell)
Shoes: Reitman's
Bracelet: Forever 21

Yesterday was a crazy busy day so I didn't have time to post. Today will be busy too but I am almost done. 3 1/2 days of work left!


  1. Is that the cotton-taffeta belle skirt? I have the same one in the blue color...i love it SO MUCH! This looks great on you! I love the pink/black combo (and no shame on wal-mart--they're great for cheap basics!)

  2. AppGAl, it's the cotton swing skirt from last summer. It's so comfy! I wish I had the taffeta belle skirt too.

  3. Pfft, I won't tell. Occasionally Wal Mart has some decent finds. I've been finding lots of things at Kohl's lately, too, and no one ever believes that I shop there! But I dooo! Hee hee.

    I love that skirt and the shoes look darling- do they have polka dots on them? *squints*

  4. Love that outfit - so cute, and so fab on you!!

  5. I haven't shopped in Walmart in ages but I went through a phase last spring where I picked up lots of goodies there.

    I might have to check it out again especially now that I have some more free time coming up. I cannot do Walmart on a Saturday or Sunday, which, during the school year, is when I do most of my shopping.